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5 Best Desktop Zen Gardens

Desktop Zen GardenIf you have come across this post then my guess is you have a little bit of knowledge about desktop Zen gardens and maybe you want one for your home or office.

Desktop Zen gardens are a great addition to any room and really add a relaxing feel to the setting.

During this post I will go over a little history about Zen gardens and some benefits of adding this piece of Zen décor to your life.

I then want to share with you my 5 favorite desktop Zen gardens!

What are Zen gardens?

A Zen Garden is also known as a Japanese Rock Garden. They are dry landscapes composed mostly of sand, gravel, and rocks but can also include water and some small bushes. They are meant to aid in meditation and can have multiple symbolic meanings.

Sand or gravel is said to symbolize water, emptiness, distance, and purity – all places of meditation.

Usually gravel is used because it is less disturbed by the wind than sand. Raking the gravel into patterns can represent streams, ripples of water, or waves. It can be very difficult to perfect a new pattern so monks use raking gardens as a way to strengthen and help their concentration.

Rocks can take on virtually any meaning you give to them and are the highlights of the garden. One rock can symbolize a mountain and a group of rocks could be a bird in flight.

Zen Rock Garden
When selecting and arranging the rocks there can be rules to follow if you choose, such as:

  1. Mountains should be vertical with sharp, rugged edges
  2. Smooth, rounded rocks should be used for rivers or seashores
  3. Animal shaped rocks should easily show their features
  4. Always show the best side of the rock
  5. Try to avoid straight lines or symmetrical patterns
  6. Vary the colors, shapes, and sizes of the rocks

Creators should place full emphasis on the complete harmony of the composition. Meaning, no one area or rock should be the center of attention of the entire garden.

What are Desktop Zen Gardens and Their Benefits?

Desktop Zen gardens are also sometimes called tabletop Zen gardens. They are essentially exactly what the name applies and are just Zen Gardens that can be placed on your desk at work or kitchen table at home.

Due to high stress environments at work, I have now started seeing desk Zen gardens being called “Office Zen Gardens”.

Like full size Zen gardens, desktop Zen gardens can be used for meditative purposes and can be used as a piece of Zen décor that adds a meditative feel to the room.

desktop zen garden

Desktop Zen gardens can be used very much like a kid in a sandbox. Just try to envision a design and create it as perfectly as possible. Use it to get lost in the simplicity of the process and give meaning to each aspect of your design.

Use your rake to create designs in the sand and arrange your rocks in different patterns. The slower you perform these tasks the more relaxed you become and you will begin to feel an inner peacefulness.

I have seen people bring tabletop Zen gardens into their office to help relax when meetings get out of hand or deadlines get tight.

Anytime you begin to feel stressed, just begin creating a new design in your garden or continuously rake the same patter that is already in place. Some people add their own personal flare to their garden or decorate them with quotes.

5 Best Desktop Zen Gardens

I picked my 5 favorite desktop Zen gardens on 2 criteria – practicality and décor.

Some tabletop Zen gardens are made purely for decorations and may come with a statue, candle, or incense holder. These gardens are difficult to use for meditative purposes but do add to the overall feeling and mood.

The practical gardens are more simplistic but can actually be used to make patterns with the small rake and rocks.

 1. Deluxe Zen Garden Office Decor

I chose this garden first because of it’s simplicity and practicality.

Deluxe Desktop Zen Garden

At 9″ x 9″ it is large enough to create designs, comes with all the supplies, and a 64 page mediation book. This is perfect for as Zen garden office decor!

2. Gifts & Decor- Tabletop Zen Garden

This tabletop Zen garden can be used to create design while on your office desk or be used as a piece of decor.

Tabletop Zen Garden

It is 8.87″ x 6.25″ and has a candle holder.

3. Feng Shui Zen Sand Garden

This is a beautiful piece of Zen decor that goes well on any tabletop!

Feng Shui Zen Garden

It comes with a Buddha, lotus candle holder, and incense burner. Also included is a red Feng Shui bracelet!

The multiple pieces made me add this to my best Zen garden list!

4. Japanese Feng Shui Sand Garden

This is one of the most visually appealing desktop Zen gardens and I really love the subtle color. Everything in the picture is included and the dimensions are 7.5″ x 7.5″.

Japanese Desktop Zen Garden

The only reason this office Zen garden did not make it higher on my list was there were a few complaints of the item showing up damaged from shipping. The customers were able to return it for a new one but nonetheless a small hassle.

5. Basic Desktop Zen Garden

I added this desktop Zen garden to my list because it is affordable, simple, and large enough to actually use.

Basic Desktop Zen Garden

The dimensions are 11.5″ x 7.0″ and comes with everything shown in the picture. This is a great gift for some Zen office decor and a definite conversation starter in the office!

Desk Zen Garden Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many options to choose from when looking for a desktop Zen garden.

They are all very unique which makes choosing the best Zen garden very difficult! I also notice that more and more office zen gardens are being added everyday, so make sure to browse the full list in case you see one you really like.

I hope you enjoyed my review of my best desktop Zen gardens! They really are a great piece of decor to add to your home or office. The hardest part is deciding on which one to buy!

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