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My Zen DecorHello and welcome to My Zen Decor! My name is Lisa Marie, the creator of this website and all of it’s content.

I am a 28 year old graduate who loves all things zen and zen related.

My goal for this website is to inspire people to incorporate more zen into their lives to help them feel more relaxed and at peace in their daily lives.

Ok, so a little background about me and why I started this site.

After graduating college with a degree in finance, I entered the corporate world eager to succeed and rise to the top.

It was a struggle to find my first job but after a lot of hard work I positioned myself for a long and successful career in private equity.

The beginning was great and everything was fresh, new, and fun! I was working long hours, making good money, and promotions were on the horizon. After a few years I was able to gain a few raises and even outranked a few co-workers who were there longer than I was!

However, the daily grind was wearing on me and I no longer was passionate about chasing this “success”. I was making more money but had less time to do the things I really enjoyed.

I began reading a lot of philosophy especially on stoicism and zen. Alan Watts became a favorite of mine and I began meditating everyday. I even completed a 10-Day Vipassana Mediation Retreat.

Realizing that climbing the corporate ladder was no longer on my goal list, I left my job and took a year off to teach english abroad. I continued pursuing my passion for zen and all things alike.

Zen DecorMy goal is to share my passion with you and find some awesome zen decor to remind ourselves of the beauty in everyday life.

Alan Watts said it best, “Zen is simply…..that state of centeredness which is here and now.”

pssttt…..I do receive a small commission if you purchase an item through a link on my site. The commission is small but it does help me fund some of my travels and pay for some excursions while teaching abroad.

I appreciate all of your support and thanks for stopping by!