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Best Zen Bed Frame

Zen Bed Design

There’s nothing like walking into your bedroom and seeing a simple, elegant Zen bed frame.

Your bedroom is a place to escape from it all. Your own little sanctuary, with the center being your bed.

A bed ties the entire room together and nothing would tie it together better than a beautiful Zen platform bed.

Picture yourself walking into a bedroom full of different clutter and a big clunky bed frame.

Now picture yourself walking into a neat, tidy room with an elegantly trimmed bed.

I used to walk into my room and there would be so many distractions that my brain immediately began to wander about organizing these items and cleaning them.

This is the exact reason why I first switched to a Zen bed frame.

Why Purchase a Zen Bed Frame?

One day I was reading an article about how very small things can add a lot of small stressors on our minds.

These small things add up and eventually you can become subconsciously stressed without even knowing why!

The article mentioned de-cluttering your room to allow you mind to relax while you are in it. This means having very little wall décor, remove items from the top of your dresser, and have a spot for everything that can easily be put away.

It also mentioned getting rid of everything you don’t need and simplifying, including your bed!

Zen Bedroom

Now this article went to an extreme and recommended just have a mattress on the floor, which you can do, but I actually enjoy the look of a bed frame and the ability to put things underneath the bed if you need to.

This got me interested in researching different Zen bed frames and what makes a good one.

What Makes a Good Zen Bed Frame?

In my opinion there are a few things to look for in a good Zen bed frame. Here is a list of some things to take into consideration:

  • I enjoy a low-rise design. Keep it low and simple.
  • Flat or wood grain color. This creates a warm, organic feel. A wood tone always makes the room feel more natural.
  • Material should always be wood.
  • Keep the headboard small, simple, and minimal design (if any).
  • Make sure that it matches your dresser design if you aren’t buying matching furniture.

Favorite Zen Beds

In case you needed some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, here are my favorite Zen bed frames:

Zen Bed by Home Decorators Collection

This beautiful Zen Bed comes in driftwood (as shown) and Espresso. It is the perfect addition to a bedroom looking to add Zen decor. Zen Bed Frame

It hits on every point that I mentioned in what makes a good Zen bed frame. Find it in Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Modus Stella Platform Zen Bed Frame

This platform bed frame is very similar to the Zen Bed featured above. It is crafted from selected Mahogany solid wood and Oak wood veneer.

Zen Platform Bed Frame

This is definitely an Asian inspired design but can also fit in a more contemporary setting.

Fujian Modern Zen Platform Bed Frame w/ Two Night Stands

I really enjoy the look of this bed and it can become a truly beautiful focal point for a room. It is simple, elegant and has everything you would want in a Zen bed.

Fujian Zen Bed Frame

However, there are 2 things I do want to point out. The bed does not allow any underneath storage and it is crafted from strong MDF.

Alsa Zen Platform Bed Frame

This is another gorgeous bed with a simple, elegant design and minimalist headboard. The material is Malaysia rubber wood and has a wedge finish. 

Zen Bed Frame

There is not much clearance off the ground but I love the feeling of air underneath and still some storage capabilities.

Nothing but great reviews.

Best Zen Bed Frame Final Thoughts

As you can see from the photos above, a Zen bed frame can really be a beautiful piece of furniture.

It can transform a room into a peaceful setting that makes coming home after a long day enjoyable.

There are many options to choose from and these options are just to help get your mind thinking of new ideas.

Plus, if I didn’t convince you that a Zen bed frame is a good idea then I will leave you with this photo of a beautifully inspired Zen bedroom 🙂

Zen Platform Bed Frame Room

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