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Top 5 Best Zen Desk Gong

Best Zen Desk Gong

A Zen Desk Gong is a beautiful piece of Zen decor to add to any room. Whether it is on a mantle, hutch, table, or your office desk – it will be a reminder of its origins. A Zen desk gong originates from the gongs of China during the Bronze …

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Zen Coffee Mug

What’s the best piece of Zen decor you can own? To me, it is something that you use every morning to remind yourself to live a peaceful life. So what better than to start your day with a Zen coffee mug! I have acquired a bunch of coffee mugs over the …

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Best Zen Bed Frame

Zen Bed Design

There’s nothing like walking into your bedroom and seeing a simple, elegant Zen bed frame. Your bedroom is a place to escape from it all. Your own little sanctuary, with the center being your bed. A bed ties the entire room together and nothing would tie it together better than a …

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Zen Decor

Hello and welcome to My Zen Decor! My name is Lisa Marie and I am the creator of this site. I created My Zen Decor to help give people some ideas of how to decorate their house, office, room, etc.. I also want to help people bring a little Zen into …

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5 Best Desktop Zen Gardens

Desktop Zen Garden

If you have come across this post then my guess is you have a little bit of knowledge about desktop Zen gardens and maybe you want one for your home or office. Desktop Zen gardens are a great addition to any room and really add a relaxing feel to the …

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