Japanese Feng Shui Sand Garden

The The Japanese Feng Shui Sand Garden is a beautiful piece of Zen decor for any room or setting.
The soft colors combined with Buddha and lotus flower statues make it a truly beautiful piece!
There were a few complaints about this piece of decor due to it being fragile. Just make sure to check the reviews before checking out.

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The Japanese Feng Shui Sand Garden is one of the best looking desktop zen gardens! I really love the subtle color and it fits well into any room.
Enjoy a glass of wine in the evening with the lotus candle lit and enjoy the mood this piece of decor brings to the room.
I purchased one for a friends and they always say they receive compliments on their Feng Shui San Zen Garden!
I must mention that some buyers commented this desktop zen garden was delivered broken! However, they were able to return it and receive a new Feng Shui Sand Garden free of charge. They also said the customer service was excellent!
Just be aware of this issue before ordering. Also try to take advantage of free shipping!
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What’s Included in the Japanese Feng Shui Sand Garden?


  • Tray dimensions: L7.5″ x W7.5″ x H1.5″

  • Everything shown in the picture

  • Buddha, lotus candle holder, sand, rocks, rake



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