Japanese Mug with Lid

This beautiful Japanese Mug with Lid is perfect for keeping your tea and coffee hot in the morning.
It’s authentic style makes it perfect for any theme and fits in a house or office.
This is why I call it the “Traditional” Zen Mug.
It comes from Japan and each one is hand painted!
The Japanese Mug with Lid is a perfect gift for someone who likes to drink their tea slowly, like me : )

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The Japanese Mug with Lid is a perfect “traditional” coffee or tea cup.
Hand painted and complete with a lid, your drink will stay warm for a long time.
Plus you will receive many compliments from friends and co-workers on its beauty.

What Does the Japanese Mug with Lid Include?


  • 10 oz Japanese Coffee Mug
  • Dimensions: 3.1″ diameter, 4.0″ tall
  • Removable lid for keeping you tea and coffee hot!
  • Hand-painted stoneware

Made in Japan
The Japanese Coffee Mug with Lid also comes in many different colors and all of them are unique in their own way!
Another great feature is they are extremely affordable!



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