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Hello and welcome to My Zen Decor! My name is Lisa Marie and I am the creator of this site.

I created My Zen Decor to help give people some ideas of how to decorate their house, office, room, etc.. I also want to help people bring a little Zen into their lives.

There are many themes when decorating a house or office, but I believe a Zen theme is the best!

Why Zen Decor?

Zen has been at the center of my life for the past couple years. Especially after quitting my corporate job and spending some time traveling.

You can read a little more about me and why I love Zen decor by visiting the About Me page.

I built this site with the idea that a lot of young women would visit and be inspired to add a Buddha statue as a table centerpiece or maybe add a desktop Zen garden to their cubicle. (Check out my favorite Zen Garden by clicking here).

I was pleasantly surprised when  I found out how many men were interested in Zen decor as well! Plus people of all ages, races, and nationalities started visiting too!

It really did make me happy to know that so many people were beginning to have an interest in Zen!

What I Want Out of the Site

My goal for the site is to mostly give ideas of how Zen decor can be added to your life to add a little boost of happiness and relaxation to your day.

Sometimes we don’t come across these ideas, so I hope you find something new and interesting in each article of mine.

My website is designed to have articles and DIY projects about Zen decor and then have a link to where you can purchase the product. You can also find the full reviews of the products on my website.

I hope you find My Zen Decor to be an amazing and inspirational site that helps you add some Zen to your life!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or ways you think I can improve the site!

Zen Wall Decor

About Lisa Marie

Hi, my name is Lisa Marie and I'm obsessed with Zen and all things alike. I created this site to help bring Zen into people's lives : )

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  1. I would like to know how to purchase the zen garden you have pictured on your site. It is the one that has 3divided compartments.

    • Hi!

      Sorry for the late reply! 1 year later 🙁 This is for anyone who comes upon this question.

      I am starting up the site again and will be adding content weekly. To purchase the desktop zen garden just follow the pricing link and you can order from there.

      Here is the Best Desk Zen Garden article!