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Zen Coffee Mug

Zen decor coffee mugs

What’s the best piece of Zen decor you can own?

To me, it is something that you use every morning to remind yourself to live a peaceful life.

So what better than to start your day with a Zen coffee mug!

I have acquired a bunch of coffee mugs over the years but none seem to live up to the ones I own with a little Zen inspiration on them.

There is something about waking up in the morning and pouring a fresh brew of coffee into your Zen cup and having that complete feeling of relaxation and warmth.

Sometimes waking up for work everyday can be a drag and some days I am just dang tired! When I grab my Zen coffee mug with a little symbol or quote, it helps me to remember that things are actually pretty good and this is just a part of life.

There are a ton of Zen coffee mugs out there but I have selected my favorite 3.

I tried to include a modern mug, an inspiration quote, and a traditional cup just to give you some ideas of what you can find.

There are a ton out there and can spend hours looking! Check out more Zen Coffee mugs here.

Top 3 Zen Coffee Mugs

Zen Coffee Mug

I call this one “The Original” Zen cup : ). I just love the simplicity of this mug and the hashtag is funny.

A very simple coffee mug but then again, that is the essence of Zen.

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Zen Coffee Mug

“If you are in the moment, you are in the infinite” -Swami Pragnanpad

I really like this Zen coffee cup because of what I believe it means.

I sometimes get the feeling that I am one with the universe and that we and everything are connected. There is a feeling that there is no time and space, there is only this moment and everything is perfect.

This coffee mug reminds me of that feeling that I desperately seek.

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If you have a different interpretation please share in the comments! : )

Zen Coffee Mug

Last but not least, “The Traditional” Japanese Zen Mug with lid.

I like this Zen coffee mug because it is very decorative and may fit better with your other decor. I also like the top because I often drink my coffee and tea very slow so this can help keep it warm longer.

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I hope you enjoyed my selection and please share your favorite Zen cup in the comment section below!

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